Keynote Speakers

Prof. dr. Rolf J. Kleber, Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Rolf J. Kleber, Ph.D. is Emeritus Professor of Psychotraumatology, Utrecht University as well as Past Director Research of Arq Psychotrauma Foundation. He was lecturer at the University of California, Irvine (U.S.A.) and held academic positions at several Dutch universities. Prof. Kleber has conducted and supervised research projects on posttraumatic stress disorder treatment outcome, work related trauma and intervention programs, late sequelae of war stress, psychosocial consequences of disasters, health issues of refugees, and cross-cultural aspects of mental health. He is also a consultant in mental health care after major life events and emergencies in The Netherlands and abroad. Prof. Kleber has published various articles and books on stress, coping with trauma and cross-cultural psychology.