Keynote Speakers

Anna Dovbakh, Acting Executive Director, Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN), Vilnius, Lithuania

Anna Dovbakh joined EHRN in 2014 as a Deputy Director for Information and Technical Support to make full use of her extensive knowledge in the area of publications development, provision of technical support and knowledge management. Besides mentioned areas, Anna’s key qualifications include team building, community support and development, monitoring and evaluation, HIV response planning for vulnerable groups, technical support, social and psychological training, communication and documentation, as well as qualitative research and assessment.

Responsibilities: Anna has a strategic and operational responsibility for developing, managing and delivering EHRN’s projects portfolio in accordance with 2015-2019 Strategy. She leads on EHRN’s fundraising efforts, maintains relationships with donors and partners, and reports to donors. Anna also leads and ensures the proper monitoring and evaluation of all projects implemented by EHRN.