Keynote Speakers

Tal Bergman-Levy, Ministry of Health, Israel

TALK TITLE : The Israeli Mental Health Reform Effects on Access to Care

Dr. Bergman is the head of the mental health division at the Israeli ministry of health. She is a graduate of medical studies at the Technion's Rappaport Faculty of Medicine. She completed her residency in adult psychiatry at the Geha Mental Health Center with honors. She served as a senior physician at the Beer Yaakov Mental Health Center, where she advanced the field of legal psychiatry and established the ambulatory Unit for forensic Psychiatry. Later, she managed the forensic psychiatry ward at the maximum security division at the Sha'ar Menashe mental health center. Dr. Bergman served as Secretary General of the Israel Psychiatric Association where she promoted research and education in various fields asethics and law, public policy to reduce stigma, and strengthening psychiatry promoting quality and excellence among professionals. She also co-chaired the international WPA section for Psychiatry Ethics and law. As head of the division for mental health in the ministry of health she is in charge of the design, development and regulation of the services as well as creating up to date public policy in mental health. In Israel she has lad the 2015 mental health reform as well as the national effort for the reducing the use of mechanical restrains in mental health facilities in Israel.