Keynote Speakers

Gila Matzliah-Liberman, Ministry of Education, Israel

TALK TITLE : Preparing Children for Disasters

Dr. Gila Matzliah-Liberman is a senior Educational Psychologist and the manager of an Educational Psychology Service and Multi-Disciplinary Center,which provide psychological and paramedical services for children, parents and educators.She has served as the Tel-Aviv regional psychologist and has represented the Israel Ministry of Education on the National Psychologists' Board.In addition, she is the advisor to the Ministry of Education on the psychological aspects of the curriculum for teaching the Holocaust.She is a newspaper columnist and has published articles and two children's books.Daniel –Safe and Ready(2003) is about how to prepare for the threat of chemical warfare.A Loving Hug(2015)has been adopted as part of the formal curriculum for Holocaust Education in Israel. Her third, forthcoming book is about children's nightmares.Currently, she is researching the teacher’s role in mediating the topic of the Holocaust to kindergarten children, at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Herzliya.